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News and Announcements:

(Jun. 2020) Welcome Eden and Ariel!!! Eden and Ariel are undergraduate students joining the group this summer to work on summer research projects related with origami inspired structures.

(Apr. 2020) Our recent paper is selected as the ASCE 2019 Best Journal Paper in the Analysis and Computation category. The paper “Deployable Sandwich Surfaces with High Out-of-Plane Stiffness” in the Journal of Structural Engineering Vol. 145 No. 2, explores how origami tubes can be used to create smooth and stiff structural surfaces. [more information]

(Jan. 2020) Prof. Filipov receives the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award. This new project entitled “CAREER: Large, Deployable and Adaptable Structures Through Origami Engineering,” will explore low to zero stiffness origami mechanic s to enable large-scale civil engineering structures that move and reconfigure efficiently, predictably and safely. [more information]

(Jan. 2020) Our group introduces a new course on Deployable and Reconfigurable Structures. Click the image for more information

(Oct. 2019) Prof. Filipov gives Invited Seminar at Northwestern University. Prof. Filipov gave the TAM/SPREE Seminar at Northwestern University entitled “Simulating Elasticity and Contact in Origami-inspired Structures”. The talk discussed the development of a simplified bar-and-hinge model, and recent advances that allow it to simulate contact, buckling, and curved creases in origami. Thank you Prof. Balogun, and the ME and CEE departments at Northwestern University for hosting [Link]  

(Sept. 2019) Research Paper on Simulating Origami Contact is published. Y Zhu, ET Filipov, An Efficient Numerical Approach for Simulating Contact in Origami Assemblages, Royal Society Proceedings A.

(Jun. 2019) Welcome Addeline, Biniyam, Jack, and Marlee!!! Addeline, Biniyam, Jack, and Marlee are undergraduate students joining the group this summer to work on summer research projects related with origami inspired structures.
 (May. 2019) Prof. Filipov gives invited talk at the Acoustical Society of America. The talk discussed new findings on the mechanics and dynamics of curved creased corrugations (Link). 

 (Apr. 2019) Prof. Filipov present invited seminar at the Ohio State University. The seminar titled “Tailoring the Mechanics of Origami for Deployable and Adaptable Structures,” (Link) discussed how origami mechanics could be applied at multiple scales and was part of the Design, Materials and Manufacturing Seminar Series in the Mechanical Engineering Department at OSU. Thank you Prof. Harne for hosting!

 (Mar. 2019) Group member Zhongyuan Wo and Prof. Filipov present at the American Physical Society March Meeting.  Details on the conference and the presentations can be found here.
 (Jan. 2019) Welcome Mira, Ann and Bin!!! Mira (PhD student from Marco-molecular Science Enigineering Umich), Ann (Postdoc from EPFL), and Bin (Visiting Scholar from Tsinghua University) joined our group! 
(Nov. 2018) Research Paper on Mechanics of Origami Hypar is published. ET Filipov, M Redoutey, Mechanical characteristics of the bistable origami hypar, Extreme Mechanics Letters 25, 16-26. Link
 (Sept. 2018) Prof. Filipov selected to participate in a U.S. National Academy of Sciences Frontiers Symposium. This sixth annual Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium will be hosted in the Kuwait National Library (November 4-6) to discuss leading scientific advances on a wide range of topics. See detailed story here.
(Aug. 2018) Welcome Maria and Yi!!! Yi Zhu (B.S. Tongji University, M.S. U.C. Berkeley) and Maria Redoutey (B.S. U. Michigan) have joined the Deployable and Reconfigurable Structures Lab as Ph.D. students.

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