Origami concepts are easily accessible to the public at large because paper folding is a simple form of entertainment introduced to children at a young age. Our work makes new connections between origami and engineering topics including, deployable systems, space structures, building architecture, and micro-robotics (topics also of interest to the public at large). This synergy has allowed us to pursue various outreach activities to the broader community and to young children through presentations and do-it-yourself hands-on activities that combine origami and engineering.

Prof. Filipov presenting origami at the Ann Arbor District Library
Hands-on origami: get a chance to fold your own engineering inspired origami

Previous Activities

  • June 2019, Xplore Engineering at the University of Michigan
  • January 2019, Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Lab Open House (link)
  • June 2018, Girls in Science and Engineering Summer Camp (link)
  • March 2018, Structural Origami for Kids at the Ann Arbor District Library (link)
  • December 2017, Origami Meets Engineering at the  Ann Arbor District Library (link)